About Inkline Ridge

Formerly Drawn to Sketching

I’m Jonny, a graphic designer, artist, and Marine Corps veteran raised in the Pacific Northwest.

Inspired by the outdoors, I specialize in detailed pen sketches, large acrylic paintings on wood, and digital illustrations.

I’ve had a passion for art and a wild love for the outdoors since I can remember. In recent years, both my Nana and mom passed away, leaving behind partially filled sketchbooks. I couldn’t let them sit, unfinished pages evidence of their absence from our lives, so I resolved to fill the pages in their memory.

It was all the motivation I needed to rediscover and grow my affinity for sketching. I am thrilled to share my artwork with others, and delighted to find new homes for each one.

With a beautiful, supporting wife and three amazing kids at home, we stay busy as we enjoy life and grow together.

Portrait of the artist Jonny Bobgan and family
Mountain icon with pencil, pen, and paint brush

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